Deliberate practice done consistently over time improves performance




I am not a vegan, I am not a paleo.

I do eat some dairy and sugar now and then. 

And I certainly don't push my clients into any particular style of eating. 

Simply put, what works for one  person may not work for another.

So forget labels, diet fads, deprivation, or extreme measures. Moderation is my mantra. I listen to my body and I want  you to listen to yours.


Clients can expect a supportive creative approach coupled with just enough challenge to keep things interesting while lazer focused on the learning agenda.


Amy is a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

A CPR/BLS/AED First Aid and HeartSavers instructor through the American Heart Association.

Certified in Advanced Personal Training and Sports Nutrition with SCW Fitness.

Amy has over 120 credit hours in Physical Fitness combined with 30 years of experience with accreditation   by  the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) standards recommended by the International Racket Club and Sports Club Association (INHRSA) and the National Posture Institute (NPI) in

 Posture  Analysis Correction.

Amy is a Behavior Change Specialist utilizing skills and techniques through the International Coach

       and Federation Core Competencies.

Amy has 128 credit hours in Bibical Studies erarning a Bachelor of Bible Degree from the

       West Tennessee Bible Institute.

Amy has over 10,000 Deliberate Transformative Practice Hours in Health and Human Performance.

Completing the John C. Maxwell Program has certified Amy as a  John C. Maxwell Life Coach,

       Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, licensed to use the following curriculum and programs:

      -  Becoming a Person of Influence 

      -  Leadership Gold

      -  Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

      -  Put your Dreams to the Test

      -  How to be a Real Success.

      -  Winning with People

      -  The 360 Degree Leader

      -  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

      -  Everyone Communicates Few Connect